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Introduction - What's This All About?

Hello, visitor!

I made this blog a little while back so I could have a home page for my remaster work on Led Zeppelin concerts. I figured my best contribution to the Zeppelin community would be using my skills at remastering and sound engineering to make concert recordings freely available with improved sound. Everything is always sourced from the best lossless files I can find, the lowest generation tape transfers or directly from the master tapes. I put everything out in FLAC, as I'm not a believer in using lossy files to experience these incredible shows. I post shows to Guitars101 and I also do joint posts with this blog. I figure the remasters will spread more if they're also on the blog for people to find. All concerts will always be hosted on MEGA/Mediafire, as I absolutely despise File Factory, Turbobit, and all those other terrible excuses for file-sharing websites. MEGA and Mediafire are safer, faster, and much more reliable. And besides, it's all about the music, right? What's the point in making it hard for you to access it?

I do hope you enjoy my remasters. Feel free to share your thoughts or to request recordings you would like to see worked on!

To Navigate Through My Page: You can either scroll through the posts in the order that I've put them up, in which case it'll be completely random, or go to the right-side bar where I've ordered all remasters by date in the format "year-month-day venue city" for your ease of access.


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Indefinite Hiatus

 Hi all,

I figured this would probably be the easiest place to put this so people can see it as they come to the site. Unfortunately I have to take an indefinite hiatus from my work on these remasters. Due to some difficult circumstances, including an increasingly busy work/school schedule, and my computer being far too slow to be able to run music editing programs the way it used to, I cannot continue as I was before.

Also, in all honesty I have lost passion for doing these remasters as I've become increasingly involved in personal musical ventures with guitar and piano. Naturally these eat up a fair portion of my spare time. The remasters are time intensive, and just really not something I'd want to dedicate a lot of time to anymore, even if I was more free and had more appropriate equipment. Furthermore, there are already many excellent fan remaster series that do just as well, and better in many cases, than the work I've done.

Does this mean I'm done forever? I'm really not sure. I hope to eventually return, but I can't promise anything or keep providing any deadlines for when I'll be back to work, and I'm finally coming to understand that.

In the meantime, I'll keep the blog running in limbo so that the music will still be accessible. If the links go down, leave a comment and I'll try to get to it ASAP. 

Thank you all for all the support and kind words over the past several years. I've truly enjoyed being able to provide you with these remasters, and hope one day I can return.


Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Down By The Riverside (Live at the Osaka Festival Hall, 09-28-71)

Disc One:
1. Heartbreaker
2. Since I've Been Loving You
3. Black Dog
4. Dazed and Confused
5. Stairway to Heaven

Disc Two:
1. Please Please Me
2. From Me To You
3. Celebration Day
4. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
5. That's the Way
6. Going to California
7. We Shall Overcome
8. Tangerine
9. Down by the Riverside
10. What is and What Should Never Be
11. Moby Dick

This tape really came out of left field. I had always wondered what happened to the rest of the 9/28 soundboard after EVSD put out the original "Black Dog" sampler back in 2016, and four years later, we finally have it! It's unbelievable to be able to hear this show in such amazing quality. And like the more famous following night's show, this is a spectacular performance.

Of course, we're here because the sound of the source needed some work. The original soundboard release ran too fast, and also out of phase. On top of all this, there was some serious noise reduction used on the source. I'm not sure if this was something EVSD did or if it was just how they got the tape, but the noise reduction introduced a number of little high pitched artifacts, as well as some watery/swishy sounds in the overheads. So my main goal was to try to decrease the prominence of these issues in the mix without taking too much away from the overall sound.

I started by correcting the pitch/speed of the tape. The general consensus seemed to be that it ran 3.4% too fast, so I corrected that. Next came the phase issues. Though the tape is supposedly "stereo," it's actually mono. Led Zeppelin Rarities did a great remaster of this show, and found that one of the channels extends a bit further into the higher register and actually has less issues from the noise reduction (the left channel on the first disc, and the right channel on the second). So I used this idea to take out the crummy channel, and put together a mix using the clearer channel for the whole show. This also eliminated the phase issues.

Next, came the actual work on trying to tamp down the issues from the noise reduction. For this, I pinpointed the high end frequencies where the worst issues sat, and cut these down with careful equalization. They're now far less prominent, and much less annoying. I also equalized selectively to clear and tighten up the bottom end a little more, similar to the work I did on the 9/29 tape. I finished with some warm reverb to bring out the feel of the venue and give the board a little more life, and it's about as good as it's going to get!

It's really a joy to hear this tape running at the correct speed and pitch, without the phase issues, and most importantly, with far less of the problems introduced by the botched noise reduction job. I hope you enjoy it too! And as always, blast this LOUD!


Monday, August 26, 2019

Dedicated To Alan Whitehead (University Refectory, Southampton 01-22-1973)!qTI33YSY!9BOVfNLGledRx5ZalezfvzOTc1r9RhSLnmiT8ifolds

Disc One:
1.) Rock and Roll
2.) Over the Hills and Far Away
3.) Black Dog
4.) Misty Mountain Hop
5.) Since I've Been Loving You
6.) Dancing Days
7.) The Song Remains The Same
8.) Rain Song
9.) Dazed and Confused

Disc Two:
1.) Stairway to Heaven
2.) Whole Lotta Love
    (Medley Includes Boogie Chillun'/Baby I Don't Care/Let's Have A Party/I Can't Quit You/Going Down Slow)
3.) Heartbreaker
4.) Organ Solo
5.) Thank You
6.) How Many More Times
7.) Communication Breakdown


Seeing as this is one of the few available Zeppelin multitrack recordings, I knew I wanted to work on this one sooner than later. Though it is a multitrack, it's a REALLY rough mixdown. There's a number of issues with the recording, from volume fluctuations, to clicks, to complete differences in the timbre in some tracks. It needed quite a bit of work!

The vast majority of bootlegs and fan remasters of this show are overworked to a point that they sound degraded. The best source I found was the Winston Remasters version, but even that had a number of issues. I used the Winston source as the source for my remaster.

The biggest issue with this recording is the muddiness in the low end. I used equalization to fix this, and also touched up the high end in parts of the recording to brighten it up. I equalized more extensively in sections with noticeably different sound to try to make the recording sound more cohesive. Furthermore, there were some egregious clicks (Dancing Days had the most obvious instances of these) which seemed to be an artifact from the original source that was released on Royal Orleans in 2007; these have been cleaned up. Finally, there were sections that had some volume fluctuations, and I have worked to even those up as well.

The result is a far clearer, crisper recording. It's a vast improvement over the rough mixdown and a stunning listen. This is the last time the band played such a small, intimate venue. The small refectory hall couldn't even hold a thousand people, so the performance has a far more informal feel than others of the period. The band is really loose and are clearly having fun; to have it captured on a (mostly) crystal clear multitrack recording is remarkable. Now, it sounds better than ever before.

As a final note, the title is from a comment Plant makes before Whole Lotta Love. He went to the bathroom at some point in the show and happened to notice the name "Alan Whitehead" on the wall. He mentioned this and dedicated the song to him. I thought it would be an amusing touch as a title for this remaster.

I hope you enjoy this, and as always, BLAST THIS LOUD!


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Song Remains The Same - Reconstruction

2018 Remaster Blu-Ray Audio Disc 5.1 Surround Track Remix (*)
1976 Original Soundtrack CD Rip (**)
Led Zeppelin DVD MSG 1973 Fragment 5.1 Surround Track Remix (***)

Disc One:
1.) Rock & Roll *
2.) Celebration Day *
3.) Black Dog *,***
4.) Over The Hills & Far Away *
5.) Misty Mountain Hop *
6.) Since I've Been Loving You *
7.) No Quarter *, **
8.) The Song Remains The Same *
9.) Rain Song *

Disc Two:
1.) Dazed & Confused *
2.) Stairway to Heaven *
3.) Moby Dick **
4.) Heartbreaker *
5.) Whole Lotta Love *,**
6.) The Ocean *

Don't really have to introduce this one, do I? From a personal standpoint, both The Song Remains The Same movie and soundtrack album are priceless to me. It's been one of my favorite films/albums since I was young, and was my first foray into Led Zeppelin's incredible live recordings.

I always felt the album deserved much more care, as it could be restored with all the music cut from the film for visual synching. For example, there's no excuse for the heinous cuts in "Black Dog" and "No Quarter" on the album.

This project has been waiting since I did the preliminary research several years ago. With the recent round of Page remasters of the Zeppelin catalogue, I figured it was finally time to tackle it.

I used three sources. First, the base that forms the largest part of this reconstruction is a remix from the new Blu-Ray audio release's 5.1 surround tracks. I felt the sound was more clear and had better separation of instruments than the other formats of the latest remaster. The second is the original soundtrack, ripped from my CD copy. Finally, the third is a remix from the 5.1 surround tracks on the Led Zeppelin DVD.

Here is a detailed list of the edits I made and how this project was put together, in chronological order:

- Remixed 2018 Blu-Ray audio and Led Zeppelin DVD MSG 1973 Fragment 5.1 surround tracks

- Remastered relevant sections of the original soundtrack CD to blend with the 2018 remaster

- Restored missing verses in 2018 remaster edition of "Black Dog" with the corresponding portion from the Led Zeppelin DVD

- Restored slow buildup section and beginning of the solo in "No Quarter" from the original soundtrack CD

- Added crowd noise to the end of "Rain Song" and lengthened the fade out to finish the first disc

- Completely replaced "Moby Dick" with the original soundtrack version because of the excessive effects applied to the 2018 remaster version

- Restored "The Crunge" section in "Whole Lotta Love" from the original soundtrack CD

- Moved "The Ocean" to the correct concert position, to close the show

- Mixed the ending crowd cheering and Plant's final comments to their correct place after "The Ocean"

This reconstruction is not meant to be definitive, nor perfect. Rather, it's the standalone live album we deserved. The best musical parts of the original soundtrack that were missing on the new remaster have been restored, and it's all here in stunning quality. It's finally a cohesive live document.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Eddie Edwards for his outstanding work on The Garden Tapes. Without his research and detailed notes, I would not have known where to start with this project.

I truly hope you enjoy this reconstruction. It's been an absolute pleasure to work on.

And as always...blast this LOUD!


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Intimidating Divinity (Live at the Montreux Casino, 03-07-70)


1.) We're Gonna Groove
2.) I Can't Quit You
3.) Dazed and Confused
4.) Heartbreaker
5.) White Summer/Black Mountain Side
6.) Tuning
7.) Since I've Been Loving You
8.) Organ Solo
9.) Thank You
10.) What is and What Should Never Be
11.) Moby Dick
12.) How Many More Times
(Medley Includes The Hunter/Boogie Chillun'/Bottle Up 'n Go/My Baby Left Me/Jenny Jenny/The Lemon Song)
13.) Whole Lotta Love
14.) Communication Breakdown


Led Zeppelin's performance here needs no extensive explanation; it's another great example of their "tight but loose" live show. It's also one of the curious series of performances that came near the end of their touring in support of Led Zeppelin II, as by the summer of 1970 they reformed their set to include much more of Led Zeppelin III.

The excellent audience recording from this night has been released by many bootleg labels, notably by Empress Valley Supreme Disk under the title "Intimidator." Though it's a spectacular recording, EV was far too heavy-handed with their work on the tape, and their version sounds overly hot and shrill as a result. Plant's vocals are already high in the mix and their work accentuates it painfully.

The release "Divinity" from the Atlantic Ocean bootleg label has a far more natural sound. They didn't do nearly as much to the recording as EV. As such, it's a more enjoyable recording. I left this section largely as is, with minor EQ to reduce some boomy mid-bass. I think it's best to let the recording be, this is a case of less being more. The natural sound of the recording is really awesome as is.

The audience recording is not complete; it ends a little through How Many More Times. Fortunately, there's another source with excellent sound. This is the radio broadcast soundboard tape (ripped from EVSD's "The Great Beast 666"). This tape captures Moby Dick through Communication Breakdown and sounds awesome! It's very crisp and clear with decent separation, and just a little hiss. I decided to replace the audience section from Moby Dick through the end of the concert with the broadcast tape. All I did to the soundboard section was match the volume to the audience section for continuity.

This is now what I feel is the definitive sounding presentation of the performance. I hope you enjoy, and as always, play this LOUD!


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

929 Snapshots (Live at the Osaka Festival Hall, 09-29-71)


1.) Introduction
2.) Immigrant Song
3.) Heartbreaker
4.) Since I've Been Loving You
5.) Dazed and Confused
6.) Stairway to Heaven
7.) Friends
8.) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
9.) What Is And What Should Never Be
10.) Moby Dick
11.) Communication Breakdown
12.) Rock and Roll


In no uncertain terms, the crowd in Osaka witnessed absolute divinity on the night of September 29th, 1971. This is one of Zep's finest performances, and one of my personal favorites. It's a remaster that's been a long time coming; here's to eventually getting the full tape! I can't complain though; I thought I would never in my life hear ANY of this show in such pristine quality. 

In terms of what I did to it, I used light EQ to bring down the upper bass because it was crowding out everything else. I then brought up the lower bass, namely the kick drum, which is much more clearly audible now. Finally, I worked a litte on the high end to crispen the recording. It's now far more balanced. 

I hope you enjoy, and as always, BLAST THIS LOUD!


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Welcome Back (To California) (Live in San Bernardino, CA 06-22-72)

Disc One:
1.) Tape Drone
2.) Immigrant Song
3.) Heartbreaker
4.) Black Dog
5.) Since I've Been Loving You
6.) Stairway to Heaven
7.) Going to California
8.) That's the Way
9.) Tangerine
10.) Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

Disc Two:
1.) Dazed and Confused
2.) What Is And What Should Never Be
3.) Moby Dick
4.) Whole Lotta Love
(Medley Includes Boogie Chillen'/Let's Have A Party/Hello Mary Lou/Going
Down Slow)
5.) Encore Break
6.) Rock and Roll
7.) Outroduction


Zep's performance in San Bernardino is one of the more underrated shows of their
entire career; especially so because of the absolutely incredible shows before and
following (in Seattle, 6/19, and Los Angeles, 6/25). The show does not have any
new premieres of new songs from the upcoming album, or really much outside of the
basic setlist for the first half of '72 performances; rather, the true joy is in
Page's inventive and colorful guitar; particular examples being found in Since I've
Been Loving You, Stairway to Heaven, or Whole Lotta Love. Not the most memorable
for setlists but still an excellent show in terms of performance!

I used the Godfather Records source for this show. It was a little muffled, so I
used some EQ to clarify and sharpen the sound. I also worked to bring the guitar
out to the front of the mix, because that's the big takeaway for this show. Page
is very much on tonight, pulling off some incredibly inventive solos. It's a joy
to hear, as well as Plant's voice in its amazing summer 1972 shape! I hope you enjoy
this remaster, and always, play this LOUD!


Monday, November 12, 2018

BBC In Concert 1971

Disc One:
1.) Introduction
2.) Immigrant Song
3.) Heartbreaker
4.) Since I’ve Been Loving You
5.) Black Dog
6.) Dazed & Confused
7.) Stairway to Heaven

Disc Two:
1.) Tuning
2.) Going to California
3.) That’s the Way
4.) What Is And What Should Never Be
5.) Whole Lotta Love
(Medley Includes Boogie Chillun’/Fixin’ to Die Blues/That’s Alright Mama/For What It’s Worth/Mess of Blues/Honey Bee/The Lemon Song)
6.) Thank You
7.) Communication Breakdown
(Medley Includes Feel So Bad)


The inspiration for this project originally came from a comment I had seen on the recording and mix of this show. “It’s the wimpiest I’ve ever heard Led Zeppelin,” read the comment. I disagreed, but was able to understand the commenter’s point. Upon further consideration and repeated listens, I did feel that the mix could be more raw and powerful. With this in mind, I decided to work with the excellent stereo mix from the Forever Standard Series bootleg, which featured the rhythm section mostly in the left channel, and the guitars and vocals dominating the right. Through careful equalization and re-balancing the position of the instruments in the mix, including bringing the guitars much further up, I was able to center the sound and make it much more powerful. I also brought out the beautiful instrumentation in the acoustic set, which was previously ridiculously quiet in the mix, compared to the vocals, and even the rest of the concert. I do hope you enjoy my work on this concert; kick back, and blast this LOUD!


Going to California (Live in Berkeley, CA 09-14-71)!WGQ1SI5b!7qbBQ60c6HnAS_pHts4CjfzfigMMx9wD8XKhOiDyQrQ

Disc One:
1.) Immigrant Song
2.) Heartbreaker
3.) Since I've Been Loving You
4.) Black Dog
5.) Dazed and Confused

Disc Two:
1.) Stairway to Heaven
2.) That's the Way
3.) Going to California
4.) Whole Lotta Love
(Medley Includes Boogie Chillen'/Hello Mary Lou/My Baby Left Me/Mess O' Blues/You                  Shook Me/The Lemon Song)


September of ‘71, in hindsight, provided us some of the absolute best performances of the whole year, and even of Led Zeppelin’s entire live career. The concert on this September night, the second show of a back-to-back in Berkeley, California, proved no less excellent than the rest. Preserved on an enjoyable, clear audience recording, this was one of the earliest Zeppelin bootlegs produced and available to consumers.

The project itself is the first I have undertaken on request for a friend. Though the recording has many points in its favor, it lacked some beefiness in the bottom end; Bonham’s drums didn’t come through as loud and powerful as they should have. Plant’s vocals at times were also somewhat harsh on the ears. To remaster this concert, I pulled the drums further to the front of the mix and made them more powerful, while also trying to tamp down the screechiness in some parts. Please see the enclosed notes for further details. The resulting remaster sounds much, much stronger; the wonderful acoustic section was also much improved.

I would like to say an enormous thank you to my good friend, who goes by the username “A Fan,” from the Guitars101 Forums, for not only providing me the excellent dadgad rip of the TMOQ vinyl to use as the source, but also consulting throughout the remastering process as an expert listener, and composing incredibly detailed notes as a companion to the audio. I truly appreciate all the assistance on this project!

As for the listener, I do truly hope you enjoy this latest remaster! Share this, burn to discs, but please DO NOT convert to lossy sources or sell. As always, kick back, and blast this LOUD! 


October Premiere (Budokan Hall, 10-02-1972)

Disc One:
1.) Introduction
2.) Rock and Roll
3.) Over the Hills and Far Away
4.) Black Dog
5.) Misty Mountain Hop
6.) Since I've Been Loving You
7.) Dancing Days
8.) Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
9.) The Song Remains The Same
10.) The Rain Song
11.) Dazed and Confused

Disc Two:
1.) Stairway to Heaven
2.) Whole Lotta Love
(Medley Includes Boogie Chillen'/My Baby Left Me/Killing Floor/I Can't Quit You Baby)
3.) Encore Break 1
4.) Heartbreaker
5.) Encore Break 2
6.) Immigrant Song
7.) Communication Breakdown
8.) Outroduction


With EVSD's recent release of the '72 Japan tapes, we were treated to a number of improvements
to the tapes we had already. The tape of this show, the first of Zeppelin's second and final 
Japanese tour, seemed to be a slight improvement over previous transfers. This main source sounds
absolutely spectacular. It's very clear, warm and inviting, and the atmosphere is incredible! It feels 
like you're in the front row, and the performance is brilliant as well. 

This has long been one of my favorite Zeppelin shows, becuase of the near perfect audience recording and
the brilliant performance. The one thing the tape needed was a little help on the high end, to accentuate
the guitar and drums, and to bring out Plant's voice a little more. With a few small adjustments, the tape
now is even sharper and clearer. I hope you enjoy, and as always, PLAY THIS LOUD!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Great Western Expansion
Disc One:
1.) L.A. Drone/Immigrant Song
2.) Heartbreaker
3.) Black Dog
4.) Over the Hills and Far Away
5.) Since I’ve Been Loving You
6.) Stairway to Heaven
7.) Going to California
8.) That’s the Way
9.) Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

Disc Two:
1.) Dazed and Confused
2.) What Is And What Should Never Be
3.) Dancing Days
4.) Moby Dick

Disc Three:
1.) Whole Lotta Love (Medley Includes Boogie Chillun’/Let’s Have A Party/Hello Marylou/Going Down Slow/The Shape I’m In)
2.) Rock and Roll
3.) The Ocean 
4.) Bring It On Home


Think back to the moment you first heard How The West Was Won; when you first experienced the pure, unfettered glory and power of the mighty performances captured within. For myself, it was one of the most magical Led Zeppelin moments I have ever experienced. We’re quite fortunate to have pristine multitrack recordings of those spectacular nights in June of 1972. Unfortunately, one of the problems with the official release was its piecemeal nature; we don’t have the complete recording of either night as the album is a mix of both nights, and even more unfortunately, a significant part of Plant’s between-song banter has been cut. As far as the sound, the wonderful recordings were sadly brickwalled and crushed by excessive compression and amplification in the mixing process. 

I obviously couldn’t do anything about the missing songs and Plantations; what I was able to do was remix the show, using the un-compressed 5.1 Surround tracks from the How The West Was Won DVD. This has been successfully attempted before by the great Winston Remasters on How The West Was Redone. It was my main inspiration in starting this project, as well as my adoration for the individual performances. I extracted the 5.1 audio tracks, and brought the guitars and bass up in the mix, while using equalization in spots to make sure no instrument crowded any others out. I also toned down the excessive reverb tracks present on the DVD Audio, but kept enough to preserve the atmosphere of the recordings. Essentially, I wanted to create a version that sounded better and stronger than Winston’s version, and really more representative of the mighty force of these concerts, and I do hope I have succeeded. At any rate, it is my hope that you truly enjoy hearing my remix and remaster of this brilliant album; as always, kick back, and play it LOUD!


Introduction - What's This All About?

Hello, visitor! I made this blog a little while back so I could have a home page for my remaster work on Led Zeppelin concerts. I figured ...